We had a number of audio-visual slide shows which were available to schools and other groups interested in seeing them.

China's Ancient Silk Route
639 slides, plus background sound and narration. 55 minutes
Scotland's Highlands and the outer Hebrides
480 slides, plus background sounds, narration and sounds captured on site. Run time 55 min.
Canada's Gaspesie Peninsula
288 slides, plus music and narration.  Run time 42 minutes
PERU, Land of the Inca
640 slides, plus music and narration, Run time 59 minutes
MOROCCO, Land of Mystery
522 slides, plus music and narration, run time 53 minutes
Most of the shows used 2 or 3 slide projectors working together. They were controlled from one of 4 tracks on a professional multi-track tape recorder/playback unit. The other three tracks provide narration and stereo background sound either being music obtained local to the country of the show or recorded on site with a small digital recorder. A high powered stereo PA amplifier and speakers completed the package. A portable high quality 70x70 screen was available if required.


All of these and others have been converted to DVDs for showing the modern way.

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